What I'm doing now

This page is inspired by the now-page movement, you should consider making one too.

Since my last update here I've been trying to keep writing consistently. The whole point of refactoring this website was an excuse to not immediately focus on this objective. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's not the first time that I set this goal in my mind, so what's changed since last time?

I used to think that if we put pressure on writing, it would lead to worse results. I didn't want to write without a reason or just to repeat what is already said out there. I'm also inclined to keep quiet if I could not add to the conversation - silence is gold. 🙊

It's clear and uncomfortable to me now that we need to practice to get better at it. As we get used to writing or speak more, it starts to feel more natural. Using a second language is not natural, so the closer we get the better.

Initially, I thought that one "post" per week would be a good commitment and I've failed to keep this schedule. I did not set a constraint about the number of words or anything, so a simple "quote" post would suffice to stay in check with my goal. There are zero reasons why I would cheat myself that way, let's move on.

The best alternative that I end up with:

  • ideally 3 posts per month
  • no less than 2 posts per month
  • no more than 4 posts per month

I also think that "month" could be flexible as well, so we can think in terms of 30 days and not "October" for instance. I feel that's a good and healthy pace, so I can practice my communication without compromise myself. Otherwise you'll start to see things like "the top 5 ...", which we need less and less.

That's my little experiment for the next months. It's said that execution sometimes matters more than the idea. A final example is this clip (sorry if you like the music, I don't): Amy lee ft. Wagakkiband: Bring Me To Life (Live).

Keep you safe as always.

Last updated on Out 18, 2020.