Here's a list of publicly available projects that I've been working on.

  • butecodev - Friendship & Code

    I've started to automate how I share "things" with other developers like articles, code, and so on. A few friends joined me and now we collaborate on side-projects or just by supporting each other. Most of the time we share anything that we find interesting, sometimes not even related to technology (check out our telegram channel). Technically, it's not a project but a way to keep connected with great people.
  • jsonbox-api - A simple API to store JSON data

    An open-source API that is able to run on a cost-effective shared-host to store JSON documents. We use the API for proof-of-concept ideas or simple, non-critical data storage. It uses Django, Django-Rest-Framework, and MySQL.
  • loafer - Asynchronous message dispatcher

    A project that I've used to study Python's asyncio. It was heavily used in a former company that I've worked to simplify the creation of microservices integrated with AWS SQS. When it was released we couldn't use AWS lambda due to lack of support for newer Python versions on the platform. It's open-source and available on PyPI.
  • belogging - Easy and opinionated logging configuration for Python apps

    A thin-wrapper over Python's logging module that provides common configuration options and filters. We can simply enable/disable and filter outputs based on severity levels or hierarchy using environment variables. It's open-source and available on PyPI.


I've learned and interacted with many talented people along those years. I'm very grateful to all of them.