Open-Source on Mars

by George Y. Kussumoto

✨👏 I got this amazing badge on Github yesterday 🤩✨

Mars 2020 Helicopter Contributor badge

I would never imagine such thing, not even in my wildest and ambitious dreams.

Even though I consider my contributions pretty minor, that's the F*!&%;#) NASA. The real deal are the projects, and I'm so happy for them. I guess we forget how empowering or enabling software can be. I could not be happier to be just a grain of sand in this amazing landscape.

OSS development is changing, sometimes we have setbacks like the last hacktoberfest (in my opinion), but it's undeniable flattering a recognition like this. I bet this will bring a lot of visibility to the projects, and hopefully a new mass of contributors.

And more important than Github or NASA, it will help keep 🔥 OSS alive.

~ 🤘