Hey-ho! I'm still here

by George Y. Kussumoto

Well, I'm back.

Last month was really something hard to describe. I got some high-and-lows, from the endless pain to deal with real state firm to accomplish a long-time dream.

The beach is like some minutes by walking, all the major concerns are going to be solved in the next few months (I hope).

I was never sure why I wanted to live near the ocean, but it is just a matter of words and explanations. In the first time that I saw the sea (after moving out), I just felt that I did the right thing.

So, there's a lot going on, but soon I plan to get back to real business and start to work on my own projects, besides the company I work to.

This is just a "hey I'm alive" post, nothing much to add. But I would like to thank everyone that helped me, even just by saying "everything will be allright", you can't imagine how good it is to have people like this around me.

So thank you very - VERY - much!


Biking at the beach